You dream it ...
We do that
with balloons

Globely is an innovative team of women dedicated to the fascinating world of balloon decoration, offering our services to both individuals and companies or entities.

We are certified professional artists, who maintain continuous training, attending courses and conventions at national and international level, to always be up to date with new techniques, designs and decorative trends. Only in this way we get to be able to stage any idea. Give us your challenge, because for Globely, everything is possible with balloons.

And if not ... let us advise and we will design for your celebration, the best decorative balloon solutions adapted to the environment, taking into account your tastes, needs and budget, minimizing costs and optimizing the most impressive visual results. We manage to magnify the celebration of any event or celebration, with elegant, distinguished, sophisticated, simple, volatile, organic, fun, exuberant decorations with balloons ... or whatever you want your celebration to be !!


From a single balloon ... to thousands of them. From the simplest decoration ... to the most sophisticated sculpture. At Globely we love to make our customers happy!

We are members of the network

The highest international accreditation

(Spanish Association of Globe Artists)

National network of globe professionals

(Qualatex Balloon Network)

Qualatex's international network of globe professionals, connecting us with other globe artists to give us mutual support.

CBA (Certified Balloon Artist)

It is the highest degree recognized worldwide, and distinguishes us as professional balloon artists, being one of the few companies in Europe to have obtained this certification.

Spirit of learning

Our priority is to have constant training, to be up to date in terms of techniques, trends, designs and news from the fascinating world of the globe. Only in this way we can offer our clients a professional, innovative and quality service, with our balloon certifications that accredit it as a guarantee.




and we collect the fruits
of our effort

At Globely we are very proud to be the only company in Spain, so far, that has achieved two international balloon decoration awards, in the category of "Presidential Wedding Table Decoration" in the Slovenia International Balloon Decorators Convention, which is held biannually.

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Balearic shipping

We do NOT ship to the Canary Islands / Ceuta and Melilla. Sorry for the inconvenience